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March 29, 2021
Opinions were divided on the relationship between fintech projects and the banking sector. Some say that financial and technical startups pose a s[...]
March 19, 2021
All entrepreneurs are scared about running out of their money. Also, cash flow is a common problem for them. It is a risk of the absence of waiting f[...]
February 19, 2021
🌐COLLECT&PAY💰 platform is a new payment solution for your business growth. With the range of services that you can use it is easy to control up[...]
February 14, 2021
If Collect & Pay is unable to allocate an incoming payment to a Collect & Pay account of a specific client, Collect & Pay automatically m[...]
February 14, 2021
When making a transfer to another Collect & Pay account of yours or to an account of another Collect & Pay client, you will be making an inte[...]