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We provide a broad spectrum of services from enabling smooth cross-border transactions to delivering international payment capabilities, customised for the varied payment scene in Asia. As a region that leads the world in digital payments adoption, especially in populous countries like China and India, we understand the need for tech-savvy solutions.
We're established in manoeuvring through the complex regulatory environments across the region, building a platform that is not only compliant but also easy to use, while maintaining high security and trust.
With over 50 currencies within the region, our platform has been designed for flexibility, supporting digital banking, online payments, and mobile transactions, all while ensuring a secure, streamlined, and worry-free transaction process.

Cross-border payments Asia

With Collect & Pay, navigating through the complicated cross-border transactions in Asia is made simple and efficient. With the increasing business ties between Asian countries and the rest of the world leading to a surge in cross-border payments, we have tailored our services accordingly. Our platform assures quick processing times, competitive exchange rates, and transparent tracking of transactions.
We realise the crucial role of cost-effectiveness in cross-border transactions, and have fine-tuned our platform to reduce costs, amplifying value for our clients. Your transaction security is our primary concern; our platform incorporates cutting-edge security measures to protect your financial data.


International payments to Asia

Making international payments to Asia is a breeze with Collect & Pay. With 51 countries across the continent, our platform is designed to handle the currencies, addressing the varied monetary terrain of Asia.
Businesses can choose to make payments in their preferred currencies. We manage currency conversions efficiently, offering competitive exchange rates to maximise our clients' value. To bypass traditional hurdles associated with international transfers, Collect & Pay has formed partnerships with local banks and financial institutions throughout Asia, promoting quick transaction settlements. If you're a business intending to broaden your operations in Asia, Collect & Pay is dedicated to making this process speedy, secure, and cost-effective.

International payments from Asia

With Collect & Pay, sending payments from Asia to the world is both easy and secure. Utilising our multi-currency capabilities, we offer a platform that simplifies cross-border payments. We support transactions in a vast array of currencies, meeting the diverse global financial landscapes and allowing clients to make payments in their preferred currency.
In addition to simplifying currency conversion, we support payments to over 200 countries, truly enabling global reach. Our collaborations with banks and financial institutions worldwide ensure seamless execution of transactions.

International payments from Asia

Collect & Pay is your reliable solution for accepting payments throughout Asia, making navigating the region's diverse financial landscape smooth.
Our comprehensive platform accommodates a variety of options from credit and debit cards to bank transfers and localised payment methods, responding to the unique payment preferences across the continent.
Upholding a strong commitment to security, Collect & Pay employs leading-edge encryption technologies and rigorous compliance protocols, ensuring fast and secure transactions. Witness enhanced efficiency as we optimise payment processes, cut down processing times, and provide real-time updates.

Accept and Send payments from your customers anywhere in the world

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Asian payment services and solutions

Collect & Pay presents a wide array of payment services and solutions, ensuring effortless transactions across various sectors in Asia. Operating within a rapidly growing fintech sector, Our services cover everything from straightforward transactions to complex, high-volume business payments, tailored to meet your specific needs.

Asia payment service provider

We don't just facilitate transactions; we're a reliable payment platform committed to aiding commerce with confidence. We also align with government initiatives that are actively promoting digital payments across Asia.
We observe the highest standards set by Asian financial authorities, guaranteeing smooth, secure, and legal operations across all channels.
Our service extends beyond transactions to outstanding customer support, offering prompt assistance and guidance at any hour.

Secure payments in Asia

Collect & Pay stands as a symbol of payment security in the vibrant Asian market. Our top-tier data encryption is at the forefront of our security measures, transforming sensitive data into complex codes, and ensuring it's safe from unauthorised access.
Additionally, our sophisticated fraud detection systems actively monitor all transactions, swiftly identifying and addressing any suspicious activity. We adhere to stringent Asian financial standards, guaranteeing the legitimacy and transparency of each transaction. Our robust user authentication process, including two-factor authentication, adds an extra layer of protection, further strengthening our defence against potential security breaches.

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