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Referral programs are a mutually beneficial format of cooperation between the seller company and its partners. For businesses, this is a fairly inexpensive and easy way to get new customers, just by sharing a small percentage of sales. For partners (they are also “referrals”), this is also beneficial - there is an opportunity to receive a stable passive income, almost without making investments.

A referral program is a fairly popular way to make money online. Today, most large online stores, earning services, and other projects have their own referral program.

There can be a huge number of “affiliate programs”, but they all come down to one thing - customers advertise the services or products of the company, and in return they receive benefits. 

As a result, everyone is satisfied: the company receives customers and profits from them, the partner gets a percentage of sales and passive income without making any special efforts, and the referral gets a small discount or some other profitable offer. In recent years, affiliate programs have become more and more popular, and their creators have come up with more and more exciting types of rewards, so profit may well become the main source of income.

Who might be interested?

For companies for which participation in the referral program can become an additional business. As a rule, it is the companies that operate in law and consultancy firms.

Collect & Pay created a referral program to provide opportunities for companies to earn passive income. Refer your partners to open an account on our platform and get a profit from each referred client.


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