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Our robust suite of services ranges from seamless cross-border transactions to international payment capabilities, catering to the diverse payment landscape that characterises the European market.
With comprehensive knowledge of the complex regulatory environments across Europe, we've tailored our platform to be not just compliant, but intuitive and user-friendly, upholding the utmost standards of security and trust.
We recognise that with around 30 currencies across the region, the payment preferences in Europe are varied and complex. In response, our platform is engineered for adaptability, accommodating everything from digital banking and online payments to mobile transactions, all while ensuring a swift, secure, and hassle-free transaction process.

Cross-border payments Europe

Navigating the intricate landscape of cross-border transactions in Europe can be a complex task, but with Collect & Pay, it becomes seamless and efficient.
Whether you are a business dealing with suppliers or a customer sending money overseas, Collect & Pay ensures swift processing times, competitive exchange rates, and easy tracking of transactions.
We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness in cross-border transactions and have optimised our platform to minimise costs, thereby maximising value for our clients.
The security of your transactions is our top priority, and our platform integrates advanced security measures, including robust encryption and fraud detection mechanisms, to protect your financial data. With Collect & Pay, your cross-border transactions in Europe are not just easy and secure, but also an avenue for growth and expansion.

International payments to Europe

Making international payments to Europe has never been more seamless with Collect & Pay. Our platform is equipped to support multiple currencies, catering to the diverse monetary landscape of Europe. Collect & Pay gives businesses the freedom to make payments in their preferred currencies, whether sending to countries within the Eurozone or to those using their own unique currencies. We handle currency conversions with the utmost efficiency, providing competitive exchange rates that maximise value for our clients. To ensure smoother transactions, Collect & Pay has partnered with local banks and financial institutions across Europe. This collaboration allows us to streamline the payment process and facilitate the rapid settlement of transactions, bypassing common hurdles associated with international transfers. If you are a business aiming to expand your European operations Collect & Pay is committed to making the process quick, secure, and cost-effective.


International payments from Europe

With Collect & Pay, sending payments from Europe to the rest of the world is as effortless as it is secure. We've leveraged our multi-currency capabilities to provide youa with a platform that simplifies the process of sending payments across borders.
Our platform supports transactions in over 25 currencies, catering to the complex financial landscapes present globally, thereby giving our clients the advantage of making payments in their currency of choice.
Beyond simplifying the currency conversion process, we've made strides to ensure that our customers can send payments to an extensive list of more than 200 countries around the world, enabling truly global reach. If you are a business with international suppliers, Collect & Pay ensures a streamlined, secure, and efficient transfer process. Our partnerships with banks and financial institutions globally further enhance the smooth execution of transactions.

Accept payments in Europe

Navigate the diverse financial landscape of Europe with Collect & Pay, your go-to solution for accepting payments across the region. Our robust platform caters to the unique payment preferences spread throughout the continent, supporting a vast array of options from credit and debit cards to bank transfers, e-wallets, and localised payment methods.
With a deep understanding of the regional complexities and cultural nuances, Collect & Pay makes transactions effortless and inclusive. Our commitment to security is unwavering, implementing cutting-edge encryption technologies and rigorous compliance protocols to ensure your transactions are not just swift but also secure. Experience enhanced efficiency as we streamline payment processes, minimise processing times, and offer real-time updates.
With Collect & Pay, accepting payments in Europe is no longer a challenge but an opportunity to grow your business and establish a strong foothold in the dynamic European market.

Accept and Send payments from your customers anywhere in the world

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European payment services and solutions

Navigating the diverse financial ecosystem of Europe, Collect & Pay offers a wide array of payment services and solutions to facilitate seamless transactions across a variety of sectors.
Our services encompass everything from simple peer-to-peer transactions to intricate, high-volume business payments. Whether you operate in the bustling world of e-commerce, or the intricate network of B2B transactions, our solutions are designed to meet your unique needs.
Our extensive portfolio of services includes support for credit/debit card processing, bank transfers, e-wallet payments, and IBAN transactions, ensuring comprehensive coverage of payment methods preferred in Europe.

European payment service provider

We're more than a mere gateway for transactions; we're a trusted partner dedicated to facilitating commerce with confidence. With our steadfast commitment to regulatory compliance, we adhere to the highest standards set by European financial authorities, ensuring smooth, secure, and legal operations across all channels.
Our service doesn't stop at transactions; it extends to stellar customer support, providing immediate assistance and guidance whenever required, 24 hours a day.

IBAN payments in Europe

Navigating the financial landscape of Europe is seamless with IBAN payments, a method designed for simplicity and security. IBAN, or International Bank Account Number, is a system recognized and utilised across European nations, offering an efficient way to handle cross-border transactions.
The process involves using a unique, standardised series of numbers which identify a specific bank account in a specific country. This streamlining reduces the risk of errors and enhances the speed of transactions, making it an ideal solution for businesses operating in the European region.
With its stringent security measures, IBAN offers unparalleled protection against fraud, thus instilling confidence in both businesses and customers. The convenience of this method is noteworthy - instead of grappling with different payment systems across countries, businesses can rely on the consistent, comprehensible, and secure IBAN system.

Secure payments in Europe

Collect & Pay is a champion of payment security, safeguarding your financial dealings in the bustling European market. At the forefront of our security measures is our cutting-edge data encryption, which transforms sensitive information into complex codes, rendering it impervious to unauthorised access.
Alongside encryption, our advanced fraud detection systems vigilantly monitor all transactions, promptly identifying and mitigating any suspicious activity.
As staunch advocates of regulatory compliance, we conform to the highest European financial standards, ensuring the legitimacy and transparency of every transaction.
Yet another layer of our security infrastructure is our robust user authentication process, a testament to our dedication to protect our clients' identities and finances. Notably, we have incorporated two-factor authentication, a powerful feature requiring users to verify their identity using two distinct forms, further fortifying the barrier against potential breaches.

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