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We provide an extensive range of services, from facilitating seamless cross-border transactions to delivering robust international payment capabilities, all tailored for the multifaceted payment landscape in North America. In recent years, mobile payments have seen significant growth, and our platform has evolved to meet this trend, supporting digital banking, online payments, and mobile transactions. With two dominant currencies in the region, our platform has been devised for flexibility, meeting the demands of the digital age where the rise of e-commerce has significantly impacted payment trends. In 2020, e-commerce sales accounted for 14% of all retail sales in the U.S., and we ensure a secure, streamlined, and hassle-free transaction process for all such online businesses.

Cross-border payments North America

With Collect & Pay, manoeuvring through complex cross-border transactions in North America is made simple and efficient. Our platform guarantees swift processing times, competitive exchange rates, and transparent transaction tracking.
We recognize the critical importance of cost-effectiveness in cross-border transactions, and our platform has been optimised to minimise costs, maximising value for our clients. Your transaction security is our topmost priority; our platform integrates state-of-the-art security measures to protect your financial data.


International payments to North America

Making international payments to North America is straightforward with Collect & Pay. Our platform is designed to handle both the US dollar and Canadian dollar, addressing the financial terrain of North America.
Businesses can choose to make payments in their preferred currencies. We handle currency conversions efficiently, offering competitive exchange rates to maximise our clients' value.
To overcome traditional obstacles related to international transfers, Collect & Pay has formed partnerships with banks and financial institutions throughout North America, promoting rapid transaction settlements. If you're a business aiming to expand your operations in North America, Collect & Pay is committed to making this process quick, secure, and cost-effective.

International payments from North America

With Collect & Pay, sending payments from North America to the world is both easy and secure. Leveraging our dual-currency capabilities, we offer a platform that simplifies cross-border payments. We support transactions in numerous currencies, catering to the diverse global financial landscapes and allowing clients to make payments in their preferred currency.
In addition to simplifying currency conversion, we support payments to over 200 countries, truly enabling global reach. Our collaborations with banks and financial institutions worldwide ensure seamless execution of transactions.

Accept payments in North America

Collect & Pay is your reliable solution for accepting payments throughout North America, ensuring a smooth experience within the region's financial landscape.
Our comprehensive platform accommodates a variety of options from credit and debit cards to bank transfers, e-checks, and even cryptocurrencies. While still relatively niche, the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin for payments is increasing in the U.S., especially among tech-savvy and younger consumers. We uphold a strong commitment to security, ensuring quick and secure transactions in these diverse payment methods.

Accept and Send payments from your customers anywhere in the world

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North American payment services and solutions

Collect & Pay offers a broad range of payment services and solutions, ensuring smooth transactions across various sectors in North America. As the world of payments evolves, so do we.
Our services encompass everything from straightforward transactions to complex, high-volume business payments, and include support for the growing trend of mobile and cryptocurrency payments, customised to meet your specific needs.

North American payment service provider

We do more than just facilitate transactions; we're a reliable payment platform dedicated to supporting commerce with confidence.
We adhere to the strictest standards set by North American financial authorities, guaranteeing smooth, secure, and legal operations across all channels.
Our service extends beyond transactions to superior customer support, providing prompt assistance and guidance around the clock.

ABA routing transit numbers payments in North America

Utilising ABA (American Bankers Association) routing transit numbers, Collect & Pay enables straightforward, secure bank transfers across North and South America.
These unique, nine-digit codes identify the specific financial institution involved in a transaction, streamlining the process and ensuring accuracy. Our platform integrates seamlessly with the ABA system, offering customers an easy-to-use, efficient method for bank-to-bank transfers, which is particularly beneficial in regions where this is the standard practice.

Secure payments in North America

Collect & Pay stands as a symbol of payment security in the bustling North American market. Our premier data encryption technology is central to our security measures, converting sensitive data into complex codes, and keeping it safe from unauthorised access.
Additionally, our advanced fraud detection systems continuously monitor all transactions, promptly identifying and addressing any suspicious activity. We conform to the rigorous North American financial standards, assuring the legitimacy and transparency of each transaction. Our robust user authentication process, including two-factor authentication, adds an additional layer of protection, further strengthening our defence against potential security breaches.

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