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In South America, the banking landscape is rapidly evolving towards digital and mobile payments, largely driven by a combination of increased smartphone penetration, a high rate of unbanked or underbanked individuals, and active investment in fintech startups. This shift has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, which encouraged a surge in digital payments as many people transitioned away from traditional banking methods due to reduced setup and operational costs.

As a leading payment service provider, we offer an extensive array of services, adapted to accommodate the distinctive needs of this increasingly digital South American payment environment.

Cross-border payments South America

Cross-border payments are a significant aspect of the South American payment landscape, given the high intra-regional trade and remittances from South American immigrants living abroad. Our platform, Collect & Pay, simplifies the intricate terrain of these transactions, making them more efficient. We assure swift processing times, competitive exchange rates, and transparent tracking of transactions.

International payments to South America

The task of making international payments to South America is simplified with Collect & Pay. Capable of handling the multiple currencies across South America, our platform is designed to accommodate the region's diverse monetary environment. To overcome typical obstacles associated with international transfers, Collect & Pay has partnered with local banks and financial institutions across South America, guaranteeing quick transaction settlements.

International payments from South America

With the increase in the adoption of digital currencies in countries like Argentina and Venezuela due to hyperinflation and economic instability, making payments from South America to the rest of the world has become straightforward and secure with Collect & Pay. Leveraging our multi-currency capabilities, we provide a platform that simplifies cross-border payments, catering to diverse global financial landscapes.

Accept payments in South America

As contactless payment methods, including cards and mobile payments, become more widespread in South America, driven by consumer demand for fast, convenient, and hygienic payment methods, Collect & Pay has emerged as a reliable partner for accepting these payments across South America, effortlessly navigating the region's diverse financial terrain.

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South America payment services and solutions

Given the high percentage of the South American population that remains unbanked or underbanked, Collect & Pay offers a wide range of payment services and solutions designed to facilitate smooth transactions across different sectors in South America. These services range from simple transactions to high-volume business payments, customised to meet your specific needs, ensuring comprehensive coverage of payment methods preferred in the region.

South American payment service provider

We are more than just a transaction facilitator; we are a trusted payment platform committed to fostering commerce with confidence. As an active participant in the rapid fintech growth of South America, we adhere to the highest standards set by the region's financial regulators, ensuring seamless, secure, and legal operations across all channels.

ABA routing transit numbers payments in South America

Collect & Pay simplifies the process of making ABA routing transit number payments in South America, offering an efficient solution for both businesses.

Our platform supports payments to countries that use the American Bankers Association (ABA) routing transit numbers, providing you with a reliable and secure way to transfer funds. We maintain complete transparency in transactions and offer real-time updates, making international payments straightforward and easy to track.

Secure payments in South America

Collect & Pay serves as a pillar of payment security in the dynamic South American market. Our cutting-edge data encryption is the cornerstone of our security measures, converting sensitive information into complex codes, secure from unauthorised access.

In addition, our advanced fraud detection systems monitor all transactions in real-time, promptly identifying and mitigating any suspicious activity.

We adhere to stringent South American financial standards, ensuring the legitimacy and transparency of every transaction. Our robust user authentication process, which includes two-factor authentication, adds another layer of security, reinforcing our defence against potential security breaches.

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